What’s Going On..traits habits and maybe a description

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July 17, 2017 by nowiswalker

Th traits and habits of unconsciousness are principally noticed as references to other things…other people, not you or me, other places not here, and other times not now. Nothing seems to be as it is, it’s always like something else, more or less before more or less than expected..
If the utter madness of all this escapes you, consider two romantic partners, in a romantic moment, and one starts talking about some other time, some other place, and best of all someone else. Whoever is present is here, now, but by talking their attention wanders to that other time place person..so they are no longer here now together. And because you’ll never think exactly what i am, the fantasy trip is individual! You spend all day making dinner and you partner says it’s lovely, like that meal you had somewhere else some other time cooked by someone else..,
what you did earlier, what you’re doing later, liking this disliking that, approving disapproving…
The traits of unconsciousness are ugly, they ruin the moment with a thought of something in the past. You can only met and be together in the here now as only here now can we have an agreement on what is..and the agreement is tacit many times. If it’s hot you don’t need to say so..we all know it.
Unconsciousness is the mind’s tendency to make noise claiming it to be honouring the moment, when even casual inspection reveals the words are from somewhere else sometime else maybe someone else!
Words are silver but it is silence that is gold.
There’s nothing wrong with words, just make them worth while, and don’t ruin something lovely just by saying it’s great.
If you can just shut up a bit your depth will increase rapidly and palpably. You won’t be charming, you’ll be spiritual healing.
It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it x


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