What’s Going On..why you need mind control

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July 10, 2017 by nowiswalker

You must control you mind or it will control you. And if it’s controlling you it’s because you don’t know you have a choice, you are the mind, that voice is you.
But it is not.
The mind is a recorder, short and long term. You listen to a song and it plays in your head maybe all day, maybe a year, maybe you don’t even like the tune..
Banana, and you think banana. Large dog barking, and think that, not the dog i’m refering to, not the same bark, you intent one probably based on the dogs in your life. The mind likes to link this to that, that to this. It doesn’t like things to be as they are, all is like something else somewhere else, some other time.
The mind records and there’s instant replays. Try this, you leave the house and your beloved says I love you. As you leave those words are turning in your mind. Lovely! If you say I love you too, you kill it. I love you too is the runner up. But the point is the mind.
Stuff goes in and it gets repeated, it is linked to, it disappears and reappears…our access is the mind and the voice, the you that is not you.
Imagine what you could be feeding your mind through study and experiences, how you could nurture your mind for the good. And then analyse what you are thinking, saying hearing, seeing and doing throughout your day.

Schools and tv and the junk media. This is mind controlling. The rubbish being aired is what people are slowing becoming.
Know there’s a difference, be the difference.


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