What’s Going On… Voices in your mind

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July 10, 2017 by nowiswalker

Voices in your mind…it has the touch of madness to it, but it’s common. Less common is any kind of teaching on this.
Knowing your have a voice or voices in your mind, that may engage in discussions with yourself, it might help get control of it. Control is pertinent because you are not that voice. It is and you are, it speaks you listen. You have heard it for so long you believe it is you. You can have some control in what you think, but try stopping it..and then ask why these thoughts keep appearing.
The voice speaks and you listen. You can exercise some control but the mind is seemingly always on, and left alone it gives you what it gives you.
Lost in thought…the face of someone lost in thought is dull and usually embarrassing. That sums up where the mind takes you, nowhere exciting.
Because people generally don’t know they have a mind, instead are their minds, they cannot be themselves, it is their mind seeking peace, but the mind doesn’t do peace, it does doing, it will comment on peace but it cannot be peace.
The nature of the conscious aware spirit must be differentiated from the mind.
The voice speaks and YOU listen.
It’s subtle and that’s why it’s overlooked. YOU hear the voice. If you were the voice it would stop when you wanted it to.


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