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July 9, 2017 by nowiswalker

My posts have been somewhat disorderly because events have been so fast moving. I try to keep up, and my documents file is getting bigger, but I wonder, as I’m typing, is this THE story?
We here in Europe are getting destroyed. Ah! Those pesky immigrants? Well… There’s more to it. There’s the governments opening the borders, offering refuge, paying for it all, and staying on the same course no matter how absurd it..every now and then someone blurts out a reasonable doubt, but can we trust Bill Gates u-turn motives?
Then there’s the NGOs paving the way for the immigrants and sponsoring the protesters that attack any pro-west movements.
The immigrants, Muslims, doesn’t matter what they do, they’re pawns. It might be more, but for now’s for sure, they’ve be brought here. Meaning? Well, I’d expect disaster if the natives attack the immigrants because that is surely expected or guarded against. I’d expect the full force of militarized police if the people what to take matters into their own hands.
The immigrants are allowed to rape and steal..there’s the bull about it’s their culture, but really it’s our culture allowing these insults. This is to humiliate us, bully us, and embolden the Muslims.
The real enemy is whoever or whatever controls government, here and in Brussels. It’s not even right to say it’s government except in general. Most politicians are actors within the drama, but it’s not their script.
All this stuff matters, but there’s not much we can do because the government has been coming at the resistance forever. The goverment enemy is the heterosexual white christian man. This is proven by the four pillars of today’s political correctness: sexism, racism, homophobia, Islamophobia. He is the enemy as the men are the fighters. If the people realize what’s happening there might be a reaction.
We’re in a 1984 moment, in a world of total deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
The good news is that there’s more, the start of the story… What’s going on? The people are unconscious, they are mind controlled. The unconscious human is a powerhouse of badness…likewise powerful if conscious, and more so, because it’s conscious, not the irratic “focus” of the unconscious.
There’s the problem, the same as before..people are not here. Bring them back and maybe we could do something…
In the next exciting episode we’ll look at the traits that mark unconsciousness, and putting some words to describe it all.


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