Trump Jr Islamic Attack

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March 24, 2017 by nowiswalker

After the recent London Islamist Vehicle assault, Donald the Younger tweets his shock and a link to an interview where London’s mayor says bombs are “part and parcel” of living in a big city. Trump is criticized for criticizing the mayor. How insensitive!
But it gets worse. Donald Trump II was actually being anti gay or something by pointing out London’s Muslim mayor says bombs are to be expected. I guess he leaves open to the reader to make the without proof association that the bombers do tend to be Muslims.
The real victims of the attack are Muslims everywhere, and we should all be united in condemning the UK Government and all white people for encouraging these lone wolf random acts of expression clearly indicating a sickness in western culture. Yep, that’s it.
Oh yes.
It is a clever move all this. Muslims do stuff but you cannot blame them all as it’s not all. And maybe it’s Islam. If Christians followed the Bible literally they too would killing gays adulterers and worshippers of other gods.
And even though the recent immigration wave is mostly young men it is fuelled by blowing up a bunch of other countries beforehand. This is the war on terror. But it’s got more depth to it..the western leaders that decided to drop border security AND offer welfare money etc. Merkel was clear in this.
And…before all this it was said that Europe needed mass immigration to dilute the national populations, and that the natives wouldn’t like it.
Clever for sure..who the hell is doing this? If we were to grab the pitchforks who do we point them at?
The Muslims we cause full on cultural change in Europe. It is bad news for native Europeans. And this will attract the attention. But the culprits, the architects of the plan, are the ones that coordinated open borders and massive govt pay outs to basically undocumented foreigners. And cutting into free speech of the locals protecting the immigrants over the natives. Who came up with that idea? And how do you get that going in many countries at the same time? There was already a Muslim issue in Europe, the immigration crisis has made it known. But for all Saudi influence pedaling how did this immigration thing get going in Europe and USA simultaneously?
We have a situation. In Europe and to similar degree in USA, a box of poisonous spiders dumped in the house. The spiders will kill you. And if not, there’ll be another box or a petrol bomb threw the window. But that won’t ever matter because you’ll be too busy looking for bloody spiders!
The hidden elite want control and Muslim immigration will give them the excuse they need, there will be problems and the governments can step in to help by removing the last of our freedom. Muslims don’t care about what we call freedom as they haven’t lived it. We are losing it.
Can our way influence the Muslims to defend it?
I doubt that.
What we’ll see is 1984 but in Arabic. Uniting government with Islam, the ultimate tyranny of the current age. The global power elite are more like paedophile Satanists so they’ll have problem with Muslims raping and killing the Christians. Islam allows for sex slaves and sex with children as young as can take it, and harsh penalties for any dissent, and special rules for the leaders to do as they please.
Big Brother will have a name, and it will be Mohammed.
My advice either have a bacon sandwich and enjoy it while you can, or stop eating pork drinking wine so as to get used to the coming new way. But don’t forget, you can convert and then have sex slaves, or perhaps sell your son and daughter as such.
So, it’s not like we’re out of options.


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