Things aren’t as they appear

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March 24, 2017 by nowiswalker

This Europe immigration crisis, mirrored in USA, it’s something else as I suggested in that last posting. A good government would activate the people, whereas our goverments couldn’t do that because they lack the popular support, indeed they are anti populist! A together society could perhaps withstand and then, in time, convert or alter Islam. But our goverments are against the natives in an obscure way that isn’t normal unless you’ve got some other plan up your sleeve. And oh yes, the elite don’t live around here… Does the skin colour or religion of the slaves really matter to the plantation owner? Of course not. Will Muslims realise this? Maybe they are confident to pull a win and history is with them, you use the Muslims to fight your battles and they will turn on you.
That said, I’m sure the elite would be arrogant enough to believe they can do it…


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