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February 9, 2017 by nowiswalker

Trump now is the filter of perception. Whether a person likes or dislikes Trump is the knowing of that person.
It’s right or wrong, Trump or not.
We can be fair and say this works for anti sides, and it does.
We can also point out that all the not Trump people are low information people, typically liberals, progressives, TV watchers, the people that repeat talking points instead of having any thoughts or research of their own. Brain washed.
Trumps supporters can of course be the same, however the TV, mainstream media was not full of good Trump news, it was always criticizing him, so in fact there is nothing mainstream about Trump in that sense.
The other pro Trump people are those that do some news hunting for themselves, use their brains.
This sounds unfair, and i can hear that, but it’s how it is. Listen to what these people say. The Trump side has focus and clarity, the other side is hysterical, complaining, and they don’t make any clear arguments.
And maybe i’m not making any clear arguments, but i’m working on a basic telephone and noone’s reading this…but still in all my crap i make more sense than a globalist top level politician.
Trumpers can tell the truth. The others have to lie because their great idea means you being either dead or a slave.


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