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February 9, 2017 by nowiswalker

Donald has a battle on his hands, and we’re with him.
The problem is that whilst Hillary lost, the stinky system remains and it’s everywhere from banks to schools to railway stations.
Basically the system is evil and getting into it or using it will taint a person. Of course the people with disposable income want to believe they’re good at heart, of course they want that. It’s just not true. You don’t get your money from the devil’s system and be free from the devil.
So what we have is the managers and all positions of any rank all together not daring to speak for truth. They might want freedom but they don’t have the soul to be the one to say it in their place of work or business.. The bureaucrats and government workers owe everything they are and have to the system, and they thought they were on the winning team..and now it looks like changing they are caught… They know they have to shift their allegence but what if another Hillary comes in next election? I’ll tell you, if they stand out everyone will know who’ll get fired.
It must be chaos for these people as they are like vampires sucking the life blood from the people. They fear Donald Trump because they should, they are criminals and he’s like the new sheriff in town.
The take away… The whole system was full of operatives, don’t think Donald’s appearance has solved the problem, at teart not just yet.


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