Open Season

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February 9, 2017 by nowiswalker

It does seem to be open season on Donald J. Trump. In Europe insulting the leader of Turkey can land you in court, but threatening to kill The Don, calling for it social media, well that’s ok.
And in case it’s not clear, the British guy that went to a Trump rally, tried to steal a cop’s gun and shot Trump… Pleads guilty and is expected to get around 2years in prison. A conviction would have got him 20years but it’s only Trump, only then presidential nominee, only the now president. And hopefully the poor boy can serve his terrible penalty in UK. Let’s all hope so.
The BBC has recently released a documentary on the would killer painting him as the victim. I am not joking. What is next? Trump to face charges for other people being blithering idiots? How about inciting violence…


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