Fake Brexit

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February 9, 2017 by nowiswalker

Quick note… It was said the UK MPs would vote against Brexit and so stop UK leaving the European Union.
Not so, out by a huge margin.
Thanks Donald. Thanks Donald for giving those gutless politicians a reason to do their job, instead of selling everyone to European tyranny.
There are still conservative MPs saying the pro- Brexit supporters sound like jihadis.
It’s interesting how these people that support mass muslim immigration and forever apologise for the disgraceful behaviour, are very quick to throw out accusations of jihadi.
No… Brexit is not complicated, it just a house choosing to think for itself and make it’s own decisions.
Jihadis are murderers. Jihadi is a duty of the muslim, and so indirectly the duty of the muslim is to kill you and your family. They might rape your daughter 10times in front of you, because they like that, but it’s different values.
Claire Perry or whatever her name is, another traitor. They should hope we do get destroyed as it looks we still will, euro union or not, because these traitors will be the archetype of scum and treachery for generations to come,
that’s some legacy.


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