Republicans meet with Trump over Climate

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February 8, 2017 by nowiswalker

The Republican team of enviro-marxists went to the White House with a great idea…carbon dioxide tax. Doing away with all the awful stuff Obama wanted, a carbon dioxide tax is the solution.
It’s more of the same make America a third world nation agenda.
Donald, bury these people.
Everyone…we cannot have the things we do and be enviro friendly. It is not possible. It’s our world, it’s silly to the point of distraction. If you want enviro friendly turn off everything and dispose of it all carefully.
And of course that’s not going to happen as too many people have too much to lose. And one country going alone…that’s when you get taken over like we’re seeing now, though it may be all part of the same plan.
We need the perfect inventions like Tesla free energy or we will be forever ruining the planet.
What is needed is public discussion on our destiny. Not rules or laws, discussion, get people involved because that’s what’s needed. Right now people don’t care. This caring comes from not having a world of dictators and massive governments.
A real future means we have to go to the stars, at least expand into the solar system. This is because we’re a disaster here. We have to expand to survive, to escape.
What we cannot look at is the obvious and freely obtainable alternative solution. And i get it, it’s too far out even though it’s not impossible.. Living with nature, using our skills totally organically.
But it doesn’t work because really organic means giving fire. Having fire means inventing everything else.
Going to the planets… That’s really missing the objective of living here!
Possible Solution: continue as we are. Fund development for improved efficiency and new tech. Work out ways to conserve and reduce materials. Wake to people up so they make community again begin to care again and this will be a massive saving, people being responsible without having to be told or brain washed. Maybe we’ll invent some rockets to leave the planet but we can let that one appear of itself. The sun is good for a few more years.
But to reiterate, all the stuff we have is a disaster, and getting it right means near total change. But the world would need to work together..and that brings us to the problem of human nature, or rather evil.
The people must be awakened. Can they be awakened? It’s worth a try, it’s never been done, and if it worked, it would justify and reconcile every horror and sin ever committed. The New Earth.
Maybe we need guns and constitutions too, but without consciousness, the people cannot be free


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