New World Order uses Hollywood for it’s Message

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February 8, 2017 by nowiswalker

Well, we knew that. But look at how the news is erupting, we have pop stars giving their opinions… Since when are they so qualified. They have a platform and it’s controlled. They do entertainment and their fans are open to this entertainment… That’s why the popstars are used, but that should not be done on moral grounds, ie. That probably young fans will be unduly influenced by the celebrity into accepting the message. Basic brain washing.
The actors do the same from the same position with the same backing and managers. But actors, known for speaking the words of others and pretending to be other people…that’s proven reliability!
It’s just awful.
What an insult that the elite use that on us, brain wash the most susceptible. It would be like Hello magazine steps forward as the journal of pure truth.
But it seems this is what the left and progressives are, this is what they have… Nothing. No position but division, cause racism, sexism, anti islam etc.
Lady Gaga didn’t use her place at the SuperBowl to preach against Trump and so she got criticized. She’s there to sing…but the agenda method is revealed, she’s there to brain wash..but she performed instead..nice one Gaga, i find you sexy again!


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