Your Freedom Disappearing

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February 6, 2017 by nowiswalker

If you believe the mainstream news you are a fool and an unwitting stooge of evil people.
Two thirds of USA democrats think Christians are as wholent as Muslims. Boy with Trump hat attacked on way to school by classmates. Hat boy suspended.
And Trump is literally Hitler.
There is somethiing wrong that goes deeper than people simply being lied to due to their being otherwise uninformed. People are believeing in nonsense, obvious lies.
Wake up people, white genocide is coming. That doesn’t mean blacks and browns are safe, no. Blacks and browns will be used to carry out the genocide. The whites must go because the whites have the closest thing to the answer, ie. Freedom, liberty and critical thinking. It was the whites that brought the world freedom and human rights.
The irony is the blacks and browns are working for the elite! They are destroying their own future. All the new laws and surveillance will be leveled at them!
This is what happens when people are allowed to be mindless..they get controlled.
It’s now upside down world.
I wish a had more hope for us freedom lovers, but the elite don’t want intelligent people. A farmer doesn’t need clever animals….
So thanks Muslims and African others, coming here and ruining our lands, kicking us out, calling us racist whilst spitting on us and raping our children. Thanks.
It seems the way to live is not in liberty and respect, you go to want you WANT and squat on it, shit on it’s until it’s ruined and previous owners go away. So white people, join Islam. It’s your only hope. Your governments hate you, they want no borders so they can take over the entire region. If we convert to Islam..we can rape children, keep sex slaves, regular slaves, beat women, and kill anyone that disagrees with that. Yeah it’s ducked up but that’s who our governments have unleashed upon us people…and we’re racists of course.
If whites are so racist, lets all join Islam, and then you can see what institutionalised racism looks like…when we, as Muslims, kill because Allah likes it. If you’ll be on the list too!
It’s all sick, it’s deranged, but it’s been heading this way for a long time. The Muslim invasion is absurd because it’s not them, it’s our own governments.
The Muslims are bad beatse of the rules they follow but mainly because they’re attacking us personally. And as said, it’s not actually them… Yeah, the religion sucks, it’s heally horrible when the people are taken from Islamic desert and put in the fertile Christian fields. But if we were Muslim, we’d be happy and understand who the common enemy is…the leadership of the nations.
This is what the elite don’t understand, unless the idea is to kill us all.. The Muslims will takeover, the whites will convert in the end to avoid being abused by Muslims, and or be killed… And then the Muslims are coming for you, the elite. They will kill the elite, destroy their buildings and monuments.
Our own elite are not holy good, but wholly bad. The Muslims whilst worshipping the moon and that stone in Mecca, do believe they worship God (and not pagan moon, star, stone spirits) so they will fight, properly fight, for a religious nation and in that you can immediately wipe out western culture. Maybe some Jewish culture will remain..maybe the Jews are behind this.. Though surely they’ll be destroyed in this suicidal game too!
Can we come together? No, people today are too stupid. Following a book for answers…that not a clear mind, that’s a robot


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