The Government Loves You

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February 6, 2017 by nowiswalker

Only joking. It loves you like fat people love eating.
The goverments of the west are traitors, and is likely the correct term is High Treason. Open Borders to a populous known to hate us, known to desire to conquer us..then letting in 70% young men, and in the face of terrorism and sexual attacks it’s all allowed and it’s the natives that are held to account for resistance. And people say it’s crazy but it’s not, it’s the way of treachery. When the traitor stabs you and everyone you know in the back, of course it seems unfair, it’s treachery. Normally the treachery is not so big but that’s because it is big, it’s more than control, they had that..they are taking everything and that’ll include you life and your wife, don’t worry about your children, there are lots of young Muslim men that can put them to good use.
It seems all rulers are tyrants, they’ve always been screwing us but this is beyond the pale.
There will be blood split, but that was probably the intention…and it’ll be a plan for a lot of blood as the people that caused this like that sort of thing.


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