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February 6, 2017 by nowiswalker

Now, while the current nonsense constitutes a precarious position for the west, it is wise to admit how we got into this situation. In no way is are we, as a people, innocent. Slavery..oh goodness, not that, that is the past, i’m talking about our culture now that we, by participation, have permitted and encouraged.
Yeah yeah the elite a bunch of greedy murderous pederasts, and they control it all, setting the agenda. But we go along with it. We watch the movies and listen to the music, and just those industries alone are full satanic weirdness. Any sane person knows that exposure is conditioning, and we are exposed constantly to baseness. Seven year old girls dance like the entertainment whores we know so well…and if that’s not embarrassing enough, they have recently become social leaders with something to say. Actors too. So these mind control puppets are now the voice for the people to listen to. Trump has no experience yet Beyonce and Jay Z know their stuff!
The entertainment here has been satanic for years. Devils and witches, mocking God, selling the soul, it’s the common theme..
We have been led into perdition by whoever whatever is in control. Accept gays, lesbians, now marry them, let them adopt, accept trans, accept all religions, bend over for Islam, repress Christianity…this is us. Muslims would be stupid to think they could join us, they’d have to renounce Allah and worship our devils instead.
This doesn’t mean we should be destroyed, but it is the sort of reason that leads to destruction. It’s almost ironic that it’s Islam coming to plunge the knife. They maybe barbarians, but they have God. And maybe we will wake up to the fact that all this stuff we have..yeah all very well and good until you swap it for your soul only to find out it’s worthless.
The Muslims don’t want our poisonous culture. They’ll be happy to smash it all including our beloved monuments.
Churches are converted to mosques and muslim accommodation..that just would be riots in a Muslim nation. But here it’s nothing… Probably some leftists cheered it on.
All these are signs our governments have capitulated to Islam, or are involved in a more complex betrayal of we the people. Either, it’s not good for us. We have no friends in this fight, not even each other…. And this is my point, we aren’t coming from goodness, we were falling/fallen, death and devil worship more visible and fashionable than God and or Jesus. Now we’re getting screwed.
If there is any hope it’s a spirital revival, and a strong one, more second coming than a singing of songs in a fake house of god. Such a change would sort out what we do next, it would solve the Muslim problem we have, it solve our past present romance with evil, and actually it would go on to unite the world, it would open all borders and destroy all religions, it would dissolve government..
It is a miracle, but despite the shame of waiting so long, I have faith in it.
Humans can be intelligent, and possibly marvellous, but this now, all the people..should be ashamed of themselves. Pathetic arguments over religion proving they are all wrong. Pathetic arguments over trade so the slave nations can hawk their wares…
We are divine, but we live like animals cum robots. The divine turns evil if it’s not free… You don’t see happy animals in a zoo.


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