New Laws Crackdown on Free Speech

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February 6, 2017 by nowiswalker

And the whole thing is stop the truth coming out. Climate change and energy policy, all to fuck with us, and criticism will become an offense. The same with critique of government in general and their policies. Everything done to screw us will be protected, to speak against will mean arrest for being an extremist. Muslims will continue as will all leftists and social justice warriors because they are screwing with us.
All good will become bad and vice versa.
If you talk up LGBTQIA, blacks, Muslims, women, disabled, abortions, then you’ll find no opposition. But talk about anything that gates you a white future and you’ll find backs turning, and of those that stay, lowered voices because the people whilst stupid know they are under attack.
Bad people always say sorry i won’t do it again…but they do. There’s only way to fix it, like the Jews in the desert. But our culture stinks at the moment, no salvation is possible.


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