Media Exposed by Trump

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February 6, 2017 by nowiswalker

It’s always been the same but the electing of Donald Trump as USA president has exposed the media lie machine. It has shown in a short space who some of the operatives are and the fields they work in.
Obviously there’s the news. What we see is that it’s in lock step. Virtually no genuine coverage. Fair to say all mainstream media is corrupted. The level of falsehood they put out with no consequences shows the level to which they work. Also, the same news is playing around the world.
Popstars and actors weighing in with their opinions, and the flood for the progressive left of Clinton, as always. These people get the voice because they can be used. This is what’s seen as our guidance…music and film. With the writers and directors falling in too. The whole media industry from print to digital broadcasting. It makes sense, it’s big business and it is what it is..access to people’s minds.
What we have is an industry devoted to manipulation, owned and so controlled by people with a mind to control, as they are globalists. Money is the incentive and the controlling hand, the bigger the budget the greater the control. It gets so that noone can step out of line even though anyone with any sense knows it’s a scam. Food can taste good, so we can get easily if we’re not careful. And making a ton of cash tastes mighty good.
The entertainment industry, the theatre of it all including the news is per se brain washing. We read listen watch. That’s it. There’s no more unless they come round and do it to you. Read listen watch. It’s an invitation to controllers. And in the west we’ve made this all big business, big money. The most powerful people in control of the best brain washing tools…and we want it, we love it…that’s an invitation to use celebrity to encourage religious fervour, as with popstars and young people.
It strikes me, this exposure as an exposure, the bare bones of the operation. A network of big name celebs spotting the same crap for the indefensible Hillary Clinton. And now Clinton is silent, the same bones, the same whining and lying, trying to provoke conflict…and when these are the people on the side of mass immigration and Islam the religion of peace, you know we’re in for bumpy ride.
Solutions, get Muslims to watch TV, listen to our music, use telephones. They will be entranced. And everyone, wake up. You’re being lied to, you always have been lied to. Your parents we’re lied to, they passed it on. It’s not really lying, most don’t know so it’s a deception, people are deceived. And so we have inequality government and religions. The overall solution is within everyone, but only as potential. The person must be free, not wild or conditioned, but raised to be free to understand freedom… Idealism, ops! It works, i can see, but it’s a miracle needed, what about the naughty people… Thank God it’s more simple than that, just honour the present. We’re not meant to save the world, it’s just something we feel because it’s so close, so possible. But this system is greater than that made by man and woman, this system for all it’s unfairness does produce the fruit of awakened beings, all of whom know the usefulness of suffering when it comes to awakening. By extension, the ideal world would cause unconsciousness by lack of struggle.
So this world is perfect. It does the job.
As for future perfection, a nice idea, one step at a time, one time, now


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