America First

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February 6, 2017 by nowiswalker

America must be first as it is the most powerful nation. The USA can lead the world to liberty.. Though every authoritarian government in the world will be against this. The authoritarians reveal themselves by criticizing President Trump. The labelling of the alt right, the far right’s all to cover up authoritarian government which seeks to expand, as that’s the way of government..governing, it’s business is governing, McDonalds opens more restaurants, government makes more laws and rules opens new agencies to flip those burgers.
So we cannot blame government and leaders for their greed, it’s their way. Muslims aren’t to blame for what’s written in the Koran.

This moment is the perfect moment to see the authoritarian government and media. They are exposed attacking common sense. This will be seen, the people are stupid, but stupidly stupid, they don’t things that make them wrong, it’s a lack of information. The flood is coming. The media cannot keep it all back.
Meanwhile all the authoritarians show themselves up following the absurd agenda.
The agenda is world government. For this you need a world governing body, an income, enforcement arm..and laws to give it purpose. So we get climate change. We get open borders and mass immigration. Notice it’s only Europe and USA being inflicted with this policy. Only the most powerful nations. And note, Russia is not that big or powerful presently, and China already is authoritarian.
So, Europe and USA get opened up and pinned down..not even allowed to close the borders. The Muslims go crazy if there’s a move to try to stop jihadi immigrants, yet they don’t protest when Muslims attack people in USA and Europe in the name of Allah etc. No protest then. They say it’s not Islamic, they say they are now getting picked on for being Muslim. And actually it’s us that are racist and Islamophobic.
The proof of what’s going on is a bit negative, like following footsteps and broken twigs, we have to see who is working with whom, who defends whom and so on.

Alinsky keeps being mentioned and that’s why we have this constant appealling to victim status, this method is find the minorities, rub salt in their wounds, and use their anger to gain power.
But i’m getting a long way from the point, but likely noone reading this… If you are..i love you, thank you. I only write this because the scene is out right nonsense…it’s too silly to stay quiet. This is probably the idea, wind people up with a flow of lies and absurdities.
Trump represents hope and a future for us all. So the system will try to stop him.
On the other side, the elite, well yeah they are their own messed up set of inbreds but they do have point, in that we people are very prolific, make a big, and don’t behave… People are so robotic you can glue them a book of rules and they’ll go out and kill for it. Don’t expect the elite to respect us if that’s what we are. We live like animals, we don’t give the appearance of good people. Mr Rothschild will be treated with the same disrespect we treat each other. We hate generally complain about each other, Mr Superelite can do something about it..which means extermination. And I get it. It solves all the problems. I’m only pissed because i’ll get killed too, and i spent my whole life angry that people are so fucking dumb ignorant destructive unfriendly noisy… This was countered with idealism…but that then countered with realism that people just don’t care…that maybe people like it fucked up. The people are measurably unintelligent so maybe that’s reflected in their life choices and opinions..
It loving God that led me here. It’s knowing who I am and you are that gives me hope but it doesn’t mean this here now has to change. The world is like it is becaues people don’t know who they are, and no leaders will every tell them as it would be the end of government, certainly as it exists today. So we get made unconscious, people become the voice of their mind, the present discarded for past and future.


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