Europe Destruction

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February 5, 2017 by nowiswalker

The governments of Europe are coming down heavily for Islam…which is why you should all convert. You’re doomed otherwise it would seem. But who is working for whom..and why. Using the wound up Muslims to invade and attack Europe is a good government move, as you get to control the coming mess, and that means total police state, cameras and microphones everywhere, awesome tyranny. And Muslims attacks and any retribution against them will be used for the control grid..which is already in place… Just waiting for the spark to light the fuse so to make seem organic and not contrived.
But really, Muslims. Bringing them to crazy liberal Europe. Why not to other Muslim states? Why are the natives so repressed if they speak out and yet the Muslims get a pass?
Are our leaders Muslims? In the pay of Saudi Arabia? Is this just to destroy Europe? Maybe the elite think we’re all scum so what religion we follow doesn’t matter, and in fact Islam would be great because sharia demands the Muslim follow Islamic government with death or beatings for looking the wrong way. Best of all for the elite is that slavery is legal, sex slaves encouraged, it’s ok to have sex with children below 10years and rape is a virtual pasttime. So that maybe the reason… Or maybe all fallen spirits act the same.
But still it’s odd to see it happening.
The Muslims protest when we try to stop them coming in, but not when a bomber or shooter kills a bunch of people in the name of Allah etc. They are silent except to deny it… Not Islam! They say. Yeah, but at the same time it is. And the protection of Islam… That’s a take over coming. It’s nonsense and silly because it is, it’s not meant to be good and improve things for us all, it’s meant to tie us up in verbal knots so we cannot even say what’s happening as it happens..neither by whom, as we watch them do it.
Really tricky. The Muslims aren’t stopping. There’s more coming, plenty ready in the wings.. And they’re likely armed to the teeth with IS stuff from the USA and other western nations.
And there’s why this happened. The Muslims didn’t by themselves, they were invited, encouraged, advised, by our governments. The open borders, the welfare money, the open protection, the rape game, and Merkel, all a call for the Muslims to come. Oh, and we bombed them first, to make sure they are friendly to us.. We overthrew their governments and installed radical regimes.
What a mess.
Every bombing the Muslims say you cannot blame us all, yet they blame all of us for what our elite do to them. They protest us trying to stop them and complain that there will be a Muslim backlash after terror attacks.. They are perpetual victims! It’s our fault, we’re racists..,
got to go now.:)


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