Trump Media Manipulation

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February 4, 2017 by nowiswalker

Have you seen it? The western world media is aligned against Donald Trump… And for the correct reasons. Trump knows what’s going on…and he’s threatening to overturn the system. America First is because America must be first for the effect to be world wide. And so Donald Trump is hated the world over… And media makes sure of this by broadcasting a flow of negative comments about Trump… No one must know the truth..or everyone will want it!
No government has been offering liberty, only more government, more controls etc. Liberty means government workers losing their jobs. Government does nothing, it is parasitical and so must be keep small, this is merely common sense, logic. A big government drains resources and is bad for all, it’s inefficient.
And so Trump is cutting through the bureaucracy…and therefore lots of well paid cushy jobs are at risk. They don’t want to support Trump for their own selfish interests. Plus, the whole game was pro tyranny, and it’s turning..but it’s scary to be first to come into the light, and what if Trump fails to deliver and the tyranny comes back in 4 years? Why give up the advantages? The risk of course is that freedom catches on and so ALL the bureaucrats will be routed…so doubtless they are watching the situation and getting ready to jump ship if need be.
All we can hope is that Trump continues as he started and as he said he would. Please, let him be a 70year old rich bastard willing to leave his mark of GOODNESS on the world perhaps a goodness that will last forever, the establishment of freedom on Earth for all people..but that’s tomorrow.
We cannot assume Trump will be everything, but for the moment he’s what we have. If you search for the truth you know there’s massive resistance to him…which says something. When you see the difference between the story and what leaks through to the news at 9… It’s a cover up. So, Trump keep going…and you must inform the people of what’s happening, inform the people of the lies we have been told..this is the path to awakening the world and gaining the respect of the world’s people. And you might want to slip something in about consciousness if you want to make the change a real thing.


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