Trump Destroys Australia

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February 4, 2017 by nowiswalker

Australia secured an agreement with Obama just before he left office in Washington, to unload 1250 failed immigrants. Some reports say they’re from Indonesia and thereabouts, some say middle eastern. This was a stitch up. This was and is lumbering Trump with a problem. Australia doesn’t want these people and was surely laughing their globalist socks off when Obama says USA will take them.
And now Trump is questioning the deal. The Australian comments on the diplomatic tension are pure spin, defending their position, slightly indignant but not really saying anything, not actually admitting this IS a bum deal for USA.
Australia knows this. Turnbull knows this. By sticking with the deal set up Obama they are mocking USA, here’s the problem, haha! Oh no, you said you’d take them!
If Australia had been honest, and wanted the best ever relationship with both Trump and USA, they would have cancelled the deal. The problem was fuel for Hillary Clinton and progressive-ism. But Trump won, and he’s promoting freedom not societal suicide.
Australia missed a golden opportunity and instead showed us who they work for.
Trump… God be with you


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