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January 10, 2017 by nowiswalker

Religious tolerance is a joke. It’s not an policy any religion would make. It’s from government. And it’s a secular thing. We of the west go along with this because we have given up our religion, and so it seems perfectly reasonable that religions can mix. To a non believer all religions are equally pointless.
And these non believers don’t take Islam seriously.
What upsets me is that i’m on their shit-list. It upsets me the lies the mainstream media come out with, the lies the Muslims come out with, the lies and denial my own people come out with. And the Muslims have a point. Like I said, I’m on the shit-list…but if I was a Muslim I’d be off that list, I could cheer on the bomb blasts and laugh at how the kafir media and government are protecting us and ripping up Christianity. I’d be excited for open borders and support every liberal politician no matter how corrupt.
I respect to the point I considered converting a few years ago. It wasn’t like I was hanging out by the mosque, my commonly extreme opinions were mirrored in Islam.
And now…. I’d be a coward to convert,
what we need is a new religion, one that every one accepts, one that works. It would bring in world knowledge, openness to spirit it all things, to love unconditionally, to have the sharp edge of action if need be. And consciousness.
The IS guys are the only ones actually telling the truth, the truth about what they themselves are doing, what the west is doing, what their plan is. They are also true the teachings of the Koran and other texts.
Wild jihad is pure and unquestionable. All else is questionable.
Islam, I love the power of the devotion, so committed that it is an honour to strap on a bomb, a glorious martyrdom.
Where does the tolerance come in when the other person wants you dead and will kill themselves to achieve this end..,
we might want to ask why this is happening, what in us has allowed this to be. Why are the immigrants not changing their minds and assimilating? Meaning give up their religion and just watch TV.
We need a new religion, and it will be called FREEDOM


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