Tangled World

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January 6, 2017 by nowiswalker

I’m having trouble getting started here. The situation we face is so complex, full of so many lies that’s it’s a near mystery as to where to begin making any comment. And with political correctness we’ve lost the ability, lost the courage, to say it like it is.
If we cannot have a debate we’re lost, we’ll fight and government will step in.
We’ve got the Muslims attacking the west, and it’s always denied, no no, Islam is a peaceful religion.
Come on. Tell the truth. The west interferes with the Muslims and everyone else, and the Muslims feel they’re getting some pay back… And meanwhile the blacks can have a go at the whites too.
What’s so sad about this is that everyone has their point to make, their suffering to be heard. And it’s so tangled that the whole mess is structured together. There is no solution because people are not open to it. They want blame. They want the smash it up revolution. Muslims and blacks don’t want what the whites have, so smash it.
Curiously, it looks like those seeking revenge are going the way of the accused…but for whites that’s good, their karma will be cleansed and the Muslim and blacks will take the burden.
The reason Christianity is under attack is because in the text is the idea of forgiveness. Forgiveness is how to get out of messy situations like we are in now.

As for Islam, can’t we celebrate it for the excellent solution it is to getting things done, lik those that disagree, force conversion and strictly govern the people. Sending in people strapped with explosives..a master stroke, that’s a superb tactic, scares everyone! The docugodr of lying to the enemy, and enemy being any non muslim, you couldn’t write a better system of control. With everyone else handicapped by kindness the Muslim can take everything. Them they get to have slaves, sex slaves, have sex with children.
If you don’t like Islam it’s only because you’re on the recieving end having your daughter raped in front of you. From the other side is the acquisition of a pretty looking servant girl for the house. And if the kafir suffers that’s ok because Allah is cool with that, they deserve it.
If you think about it, the whites, the Christians.. Totally betraying each other. They believe in respecting all religions because they don’t respect their own. Any other people would see the danger. Whites see the loss their jobs…
It is poignant that the people that whils doing so well technologically let go of God, turned away, Then later they are overrun by super religious people, the Muslims, who do indeed look down upon them for the disgusting creatures they have become. Ironic.
Christianity has failed it’s people. The Pope is a joke, he’s not on our side. The our government, that’s against us too.
The trend… Plot the graph, Islam is here and it’s growing. You think the west will deport them? Do you think that could happen?
Face the facts.
The only way to stop the coming bloodshed would be for us to convert en masse. There will be no rebellion, it takes leaders for rebellion and all our leaders failed us, sold us out.

It must be an exciting time to be Muslim


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