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January 6, 2017 by nowiswalker

We’ll all be endangered soon. The leaders don’t appear to like us very much. Sure, they favour the Muslims over the locals, but that works in the favour of the government. Any trouble from either side or perspective can be used for the government to create and take power and freedom. As it stands the Muslims will take over Europe because they’ll win the population race but that’s a few years down the road. In the meanwhile the government will continue to take power and the freedom of the people. Yes the Muslims will take over, but it’s not like the days of slashing heads off with Mohamed, today will be computer controlled with human killing robots. So while the people fight the government take over…with killer drones. It’s a trap!
Of course the governments here may have converted to Islam, or even some religion that recognises Islam. But whatever, the leaders of the society here allow ever form of debauchery. The Koran allows for lying to the kafirs but an Islamic european leadership in place already? Bought out by greed and evil is more likely. Our dear leaders want total power, and that will include the Muslims too. It seems the elite have underestimated the Muslims…or not, more likely this is the plan…destabilization, and take the legal power in the chaos. The Muslims only appear to be favoured because they are being used to destroy the existing system, a system that had some concepts of freedom.
And while we might like our freedom, wanting to preserve it, most people don’t care and seem to like being told what to do, they like a bunch of rules to obey and enforce.
Solutions: we have to come together. Muslims stop denying what your guys are doing, open up. The people are scared of you and threatened by their own governments. You must come out and start being good to the locals. If not, we will all lose.
But religion being as it is, a good excuse to have a load of rules to obey or enforce…means you don’t have to think…!
The greatest mistake ever could be imagining that the people want better, want good. If we postulate people are stupid, nasty, like evil things, then everything makes a lot more sense. The people wanting better, wanting good are the real outcasts and should be arrested because they’ll make the demons unhappy;)
right or wrong
good or bad
it’s simple, it’s conscious or not, and it’s not


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