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November 22, 2016 by nowiswalker

Hello world,

we meet again, and while the game has not changed the players have.

Brexit is looking to be scuppered by one of several tactics… and rightly so, you cannot have one country leaving, claiming back it’s sovereignty, the rest will want out.

And Trump… well, looking like a moment of hope but we have to wait and see. Today he was berating the corporate media chiefs at Trump Tower, but later there’s a headline that he doesn’t want the pursue Clinton on the email situation.

And maybe we’ll get a war instead.. what for all the preparations for continuity of government?… a time like now.

The left and progressives warn us of coming dangers and their MO is to blame others for what they themselves do or have done… and the future is therefore bleak.


There might be good to come, but it is to come… it is not yet.

Meanwhile Germany declares the Shariah Law patrols to be legal, Sweden is losing control and wants to build entire cities for the immigrants. And come one folks, it is clear, the white Christians[sic] are for termination. And you cannot clobber a foreigner and fix the situation as it is much deeper than that. For one, these guys aren’t going, and there are plenty of long time established immigrants who no one would expect to leave… so the guys are here, not going anywhere except to the front of the line because they are clearly outbreeding the whites. True, there are the allegations  of state sponsored polygamous deals where the immigrants have 20 children, but at they are at least doing something.

The whites must be stupid or something… they don’t even seem bothered… and so Europe as we knew it is finished. Those things that made France France and Germany Germany etc, they’ll be gone. So will the languages, the art and architecture. All gone, a new era.

And against this background Trump appears.

Le Penn ascendant too.

Folks, we, the people of Europe and America, we are in trouble. And yes I mean the white folks, but everyone is going to feel this that’s coming. Whites are being targeted because of this “entitlement” thing. Killing the whites, or at least repressing them into second class citizenry means the loss of the entitlement, the entitlement of having a house, a job, a family, food on the table, and stuff to make your life better. When a white lives in a police state or tyranny he speaks out because he doesn’t like it, entitled to better. And so, once gone, the blacks and browns, having never had freedom or rights will not notice they have all been curtailed or forbidden entirely.

Good job everyone.

[that’s a joke]





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