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November 22, 2016 by nowiswalker

There is no racism… yet.

Any apparent racism is from retarded people, and while they are lots of them they aren’t all racist, they are more likely to have no contentious or independent thinking and simply adopt the line spouted by the media and the machine, which is is multiculturalism even though we know it doesn’t work. It is easy to pick on “racists” than to be one.

No, no racism… you see racism is supremacy and the consequential inferiority of others.

And that racism is not present.

Some of the non whites think the whites victimize them, but it’s not true. Whites are not nice to each other. Most racism is white culture, and it’s for everyone not just dark skin.

But what we might see is the rise of racism as the blacks and browns start allowing themselves to be manipulated by the George Soros type organizations to have a go at whitey… and so the response of the whites can be spun as the first act.. look! racsits!!! we always knew it was there!

But this racism will not be racist as per the definition… it will be a war.



And meanwhile, stay vertical dear friends.

Don’t forget to breathe.

And pay attention.



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